Friday, July 17, 2009


Libre (pronounced /ˈliːbrə/ in English) is a word in various Romance languages, including Spanish and French, and descends from the Latin word līber; they denote "the state of being free", as in "having freedom" or "liberty"

It took me 4 rough drafts to decide what I want to write for this paper and it took me 20 years to realize what I want the most in life- LIBERTY, LIBRE, FREEDOM…

Freedom of thought, of speech, of sleeping when I desire and waking when I wish to, reading when I want to and to not read when I am not in the mood.

I cant help lamenting over my overprotective parents, who have the same answer for all my questions and that is- NO. I wont call them conservative, but the problem is that they love me too much. And I always feel stifled and nailed (to the ground) courtesy this love. However, now that im in Chandigarh, away from their eyes and out of the shell, Im making sure that I rediscover myself and enjoy the freedom.

(Talking in third person helps when writing about yourself because using too much of I’s and Me in a paper makes it look like a braggers lexis.)

Welcome to Shayla’s weird weird world, where awkward moments define her life. Shayla is a partially paranoid, marginally obese (healthy by Indian standards) girl who is driven by crazy mood swings (negativity intended). She has many acquaintances but a few friends. And thanks to her non judgemental nature she totally fails to bitch about people around her. Shayla accepts everyone around her for whatever they are, but the only problem is that she expects them to reciprocate similarly. But all in vain. A very ambitious girl, with practical and reasonable goals in life.

ALSO adventurous shayla’s life ranges from doing things like getting off a bus at 9pm in the middle of the road or drinking beer while walking upto the 35 sector market or riding a rickshaw, while the rickshaw wala sits back and relaxes on the passenger’s seat. All the attention thus received is very well appreciated and also reciprocated (if required).The biggest problem with shayla is that she is confused (even right now). She cant take decisions quickly; not that she has a faulty sense of judgement its just that she is not always able to decipher the right POA (plan of actions) for a particular situation. Shayla each day struggles to live freely without any mental constraints, an endowment of her upbringing and the society she inhabits. Its like the song’I want to breakfree’ was made for her.

Shayla’s biggest asset is her gut feeling, her inner conscience that guides her through the twisted roads of life and the fact that she has experienced failure makes her an emotionally strong person. Gifted with a capability to cheer anyone up with a horrendous laughter (hear it to believe it) and slapstick sense of humor, she manages to live life to the fullest with a sparkle in her eyes and that very important tool with her- Confidence.


  1. hahaha.... u really do love to freak out, dont you? (Riding a rikshaw??)

    The inner conscience rly is an asset, however if you try n club it with just a wee bit of judgement (based on experience), then u'll definiitely be going places !

    Now i'm wondering why you didnt want to show ppl the blog... u write well :D

  2. she is paranoid, she is awkward, she has a few friends,,but i guess still she is different..who makes u write here abt her...
    anyway i loves ur post and m following u now
    please visit