Sunday, January 18, 2009

Love in times of recession...

I just finished my second trimester midterm exams (aah! the slow process of getting the graduate tag, without learning much...). I went out with my buddies to parrrtay!!! all excited i saw a couple in the marketplace quarreling over some issue. As i crossed them i just happened(trust me) to hear a part of their conversation. The boy was lamenting over his unemployed status and the girl was patiently lending her ear to him. They looked upset. I was wondering, since when was the boy unemployed as the market is down since the last October. How does he afford those dates with the girl?? Wow, thats a very rare specie (guy) right there, infront of me.
Anyways, i soon got distracted by hot guys on a wet n chilly winter and forgot about the alien i saw. (hah!)
We reached home about half an hour later than the in-time of my hostel and i saw a saddened look on my friend's face, I immediately knew it wasnt because i got back late, something must have happened with her bf again. Me, the self proclaimed inquisitive agony aunt went upto her and got her into a rendevouz with me. In the course of the conversation i realised that again the bf's obvious source of anguish was the job that he wasnt't getting. She was really teary eyed while talking about him. Obviously she cared for him, was worried about him. But had had enough of the nagging. Talking about the empty mind a devil's workshop, a cliche but fits here so nevertheless. She felt better after a few rounds around the garden and a tete-e-tete about things ranging from her my other people' people without any problems...
Later in the night the caffeine addict in me made me climb up and down the two floors of my hostel, few times in search of an electric kettle which i was told is with K or R or S or Vendy or god knows who all. (yup its a public kettle).....such meanies they made me work hard for my reward-a steaming cuppa coffee. (Who are they...Pavlov(s)??) I saw my friend packing her bags, she was leaving for her dad's house tomorrow. What? Dads house? "ummm I hope alls ur folks dont stay together". M said, "Noooo, its not that. Its like my dad works somewhere and my mom stays in the family home." Oh ok! So here's another case of love suffering due to the recession.
This makes me sing the song, "money, money always funny in the big man's world...", but in the small man's world(the common man) money is seriously not funny. I had heard of the various suicides in US, due to the loss of financial aid for the families. I really think heartbreak or separation from the beloved is as appalling as the suicide. (i have died twice...)
All these heartbreaks, heartaches, separations are courtesy crashed market.

I just hope the situation gets better sooon...i cant see my own love nest falling flat on the ground due to the strong winds of recession.
Im proud of all those who are holding on to their loved ones even in such trying times and not getting impatient with them, but im even more proud of the people who are coping with the problem hands-on and not by hands(or legs or tongues or heads) on other people.

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