Thursday, January 22, 2009

the long and short of it...

Is it just me, or everybody thinks that woman with short hair are taken more seriously. What is it about them that changes our way of looking at them. Do u think a woman with long hair is still seen as a self indulgent, seductress(well maybe!) spending time and effort in taking care of her hair. And the woman with shorter hair is miss spic n span (clear), doesn't spend too much time decorating her hair and hence gets more time to focus on her career. DUH!
I always thought women with long hair were beautiful, are beautiful. The ones with shorter hair, no offenses are just...different. After observing a lot, i have noticed that the women with shorter length hair are said to have an intellectual air around them.
I saw a couple enter a shop in a posh market place, the wife had short lenght hair . The moment the sales guy saw her, he started to converse in english. haha.....
After her entered an elegant lady in a salwar kameez, ofcourse with long braided hair, the man not only came back to his (our) mother tongue, he also forgot his mannerisms, by almost arguing with her. This is really funny....
Why do people associate smartness and brains with shorter length hair. For all you know she might have burnt her hair, courtesy straightening rod or watever it is.
Anyways, my history teacher used to tell me that stereotyping(generalization) is the best way of understanding the complex human nature, and identifying the various types of human beings that surround us. This method is adopted by many people.
Hence, i shall leave people in their own bubbles where woman with long hair are homely and short hair are-the Career Ladies.

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  1. I think in today's world... in terms of fashion if we look at it that way, the bob's coming back,Anna hathaway, Anoushka shankar, Tina fey, Alicia Keys and even Rihanna all rocked the bob... but the fact, mannerisms are more to do with human nature... what u saw that sales guy do, was try and react and respond from his own tiny pee hole hindset as to how to diffrentiate...

    And stereyotyping if you ask, in retrospect is just another sane definition of obsession that our world has created..