Wednesday, March 18, 2009

There will be NO IPL this year

Sponsors suffering from Losses. Sri Lankan players Injured. Pakistan literally banished from the IPL matches. A handful of players left. Spectators scared. Other players skeptical about the game. Teams and Franchisers in shreds. A widespread pandemonium. So there might be no IPL matches this year. No 2nd season series. Courtesy Pakistan’s scandalous welcoming strategy. The million cricket fans waiting eagerly for the month long series might have to wait till the next year, for the next season. Where an Ex-head of the state has proclaimed an end of cricket for his country-Pakistan. The repercussions of the attack are going to dangerous-yet inevitable. The Pak will not be entertained anymore in the IPL, (irrespective of the fact that most of the players were banned from touring India anyway). The Sri Lankan cricketers who have suffered multiples injuries will take time to recover physically and mentally- emotionally. After facing a trauma of this degree, they are not proficient enough to start playing cricket. Do you think Indian players and Australian + England team players alone can play the series? A major chunk of fine players will be missing. The players might recover from their physical injuries but what about the sponsors of the IPL and the tours. They might just not heal-up of the financial injuries. At a time when the market is crashing on our head. IPL was considered a life saving boat, which thanks to Pakistan is already cracking up. So what are the teams left with, a handful of players. So there might just be 20 players for playing 20-20 series.

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